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Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Little Word 2014


OWL 2014 The Preppy Strawberry



What’s your OLW for 2014? 

My one little word for this year is



Last year, I stumbled upon Ali Edwards blog and the idea of choosing one little word for a year instead of a resolution.  This is my second year of picking a word to focus on and make part of my life for an entire year.  I don’t know about you but resolutions have not worked for me but picking one little word is an easier way to keep me focused  on what I want to change. 

Last year my word was BELIEVE and I stuck with it pretty much all year – maybe lost a little focus here and there but it was always in the back of mind.  This year, I decided to take things a step further because I wanted the accountability.  I have  lots of things on the horizon that I would like to CREATE this year and have happen so,  I decided to take her workshop this year.  You might see people on instagram who are taking the workshop using the #hashtags #OLW2014 or #onelittleword – so if you are curious what it’s all about search the #hashtags on social media and you will find a whole list of words that others have chosen.  You do not have to take the workshop to pick your own little word – Last year, I just picked a word and made it my focus for a year.  In the end BELIEVE was a good word me last year.  

Some of the things I want to focus on with my word Create is

1)  Create better home – continue to update our space and focus on finishing up my creative office space

2)  Create new venture – this is a work in progress but big focus for me this year

3)  Create healthier choices – I would like to run a 1/2 marathon this year but I will make this a goal of achieving running a few 5K races ( why not I used to run all the time?) 

4)  Make more time to create time for being creative

5)  Create a better time management so I can add my workouts back into my life vs. focusing on everyone and everything else.

This is a growing list of things I want to CREATE in 2014 and something I will grow and focus on in this years workshop. 


Created a pinterest board with my word to help keep me focused …..

follow along on instagram



As I move along in the workshop I will be updating my progress and keeping myself accountable for my OLW 2014 – So will you pick a OLW or do you focus on a Resolution? 


OLW workshop



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