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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

School Memories

As September comes to a close what were your favorite school memories? Good Or Bad?  

When I think of back to school memories, I think of back to school supplies, football games, pep rallies, the crazy fashion of the 80’s , and sleepovers.  I always loved going back to school shopping for clothes and supplies.  I can remember spending hours organizing all of it and packing up my new back pack.

Elementary School memories – I just remember in 2nd grade gym class we learned to square dance.  Which meant we got paired up with a boy which was awful! I remember everyone hated it and at that age we thought boys were gross!  One of my favorite class room jobs when I was in grade school was to clean the erasers!  Can you imagine in today’s world sending a kid to clean and eraser?  I’m sure there would be some law suit against the school for putting a child in little room to turn on the eraser machine and inhale all that chalk dust!  Well just like everything else that wasn’t safety regulated in the 70’s and 80’s I survived!  I couldn’t wait to be the big 4th grader because in Gym class this year we go to ride bikes on the playground during Gym when we learned about bike safety.  We rode the cool bikes with banana seats!   Remember those bikes? 

Once, I got to Middle School and High School everything was about my friends, who you would sit with at lunch, what clothes you had and who was going to drive you to the mall on the weekend.  High School was pretty much the same minus the mall stuff – You know hanging with friends, getting your drivers licenses, who was having the party that weekend.   You know Important stuff! 

So let’s talk 80’s school supplies …

1. Trapper Keeper – Yeah, I owned a few of these!  Including the vintage denim  3 ring notebooks that I used to doodle all over!  Look familiar? 

trapper keeper       binder

                                                 images from pinterest

   2.   Reinforcements – haha!  Remember these little guys?  You know you had these in the pencil bag because you had to keep all of your papers tidy in your trapper keeper! 


        images from pinterest


80’s fashion- love it or Hate?

Reebok High Tops – I’m pretty sure my parents bought me several pairs during each school year because I wore them every day!

You know when you wore your Reebok high tops your pants had to be pegged perfectly and you had to have at least 2 pairs of different colored socks on!  What were we thinking?!  Yikes! 

reebok         peg your pants

                                                 images from pinterest


Jean Jackets & Fashion buttons -  I haven’t thought about all those buttons I collected in years but now after seeing this picture I wonder what happened to all of them?  Did you collect buttons for your jean jacket? 



Swatch Watch

I had a few of these and Yes I wore them all at the same time!  You know because that makes a ton of sense ;)


swatch watch

             images from pinterest


so what were your favorite school memories? 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day of Fall


I can’t believe today is the first day of Fall!  It literally feels like we were just spending every afternoon and weekend at the pool and now we have officially entered into Fall!  You can definitely tell that Fall has arrived because here in Ohio we are waking up to crisp cool mornings in the 50’s.  My two favorite seasons are Summer and Fall and if you could classify Christmas as a season I would include Christmas but I’m really not a winter girl – at all but I love the holidays!

My Favorite 10 things about Fall are …..

 1.)  the change of weather and watching the leaves change colors

2)  Football – I love football season!  I’ve always loved going to football games and this year on the bucket list was to attend our Alumni Homecoming at the University of Cincinnati but that was last weekend and well we missed it because of work project deadlines.  So I will be adding that to next years bucket list!   In our house we are big Ohio State Fans along with our college alma maters of UC, Ohio University and  Youngstown State University. 

3) Back to School –  I love back to school!   I mean who doesn’t really like a fresh start?  Now that Lilly is older and she loves to clothes shop it makes back to school shopping fun!  Her favorite part is trying on clothes?!  <—I know crazy right?  A kid that likes to try on clothes?!    But then again who doesn’t love a few new outfits and fresh box of crayons! 

I have two mantles in the house and I always try to decorate them with a holiday theme so this month it was a back to school theme….  This week I’m pulling out the Halloween box and going to change the mantle …... Here’s a little of what I did for September for Back to School

{The Preppy Strawberry} Back to School Mantle Ideas

4)  Boots -  I love fall shoes!  I can’t wait to buy some new boots for this season.  I’ve already started looking just haven’t found the right pair!

5)  Leaves – well we live in  old neighborhood so we have lots of trees which means once the leaves start falling we have lots of leaves to pick up.  Not a job, I like but thankful we have riding mower that makes that job a little easier!  But one advantage is raking up a big pile for Lilly to jump around in!  Something, I always remember doing as a kid. 

One of my favorite pictures of Lil from 2008 – I feel like she was just 2 years old



6)  Cider and Donuts – We’ve already hit the fruit farm up for cider and donuts and this is one of my favorite weekend treats! 

7)  Pumpkins  – Every year since Lilly was little we’ve always gone to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins – so we will be going one weekend very soon!  Can you believe October 1st is next week?  

On another note, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of “pumpkin food/drink craze “  Don’t get me wrong,  I will have  maybe one PSL during the fall season but you won’t see me over using the #PSL hashtag!  Don’t judge – I just can’t get on that pumpkin bandwagon!  

8)  Apple picking – This is something I’ve wanted to do but timing just never works out but this fall activity of apple picking is going on my bucket list for next year?  Have you ever gone apple picking?

9)  Halloween -  my favorite part of Halloween is decorating and helping Lil decide on this years Halloween costume.  This year if she sticks with her idea will be a unique costume!  Something she thought of all on her own and I don’t think it’s a very popular choice….. Only time will tell!


halloween doorREV


10.)  Fall Clothes – I’m a jeans girl and I love fall clothes!  An outfit like this would be something definitely you would find in my closet!




So what are you favorite fall activities? 



Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School


Can you believe it’s September already!?  Today, was the first day of school and let’s just say I’m glad we have the first day behind us!  Last night was a late night and this morning was an early morning!  This is the first year that Lilly really had a hard time falling asleep – you know worried about where to sit on the bus as a 3rd grader, Who should she sit with on the bus?  hmm….I  wish that’s all I  had to worry about in day but I know to an 8 year old these are important concerns and are a big deal to her! 

I don’t know about you but Summer is one of my favorite months but as a working Mom I really love the routine the school year brings! This Summer Lilly had the opportunity to swim on the swim team at the swim club and she loved it!  She even asked us if she could swim on the winter swim team.  So along with making the competition dance team again she has also joined the winter Penguins swim team!  This fall she will start to swim down at the University.   I’m so happy she is willing to explore new teams and try out new groups – especially excited she wanted to try  winter swim team!  My goal for her is to have at least one activity outside of school that is her “thing”  something that she’s passionate about and provides her sense of belonging to something outside of school.  Plus, I think it’s important to teach them how to manage things outside of school so when they get to high school or college they can learn to budget their time to work, belong to groups or a team as well as make that commitment to school work. 

So now as move into Fall which is my 2nd favorite season –  Some of my favorite things about fall are
1.) I love the fall morning and nights (as long as we have a good Fall weather)
2) I love fall clothes!  Jeans and sweaters
3) it's football season.
I’m really looking forward to this fall and hope that we can continue with some fun weekends! 

A week before school started I had to take some vacation days because the college babysitter returned to college and my mom had teacher meetings .  So one morning Lilly and I headed out to take some 8 year old pictures and back to school pictures ……  I really can not believe I have a 3rd grader!  I swear if I blink she’s going to be in Middle school! 




back to school collageREV
A look back over the past few years….

one another note….
It’s been awhile since I posted here and honestly, life just got the best of me this spring.  Hopefully, some of it’s under control and that I will start to have more energy to do things after work.  This Spring I honestly, hit a wall – I mean literally had zero energy after work and it took everything I had to get through my work day only knowing that once I was done with work my day still wasn’t over – I still had to help Lilly with homework, run her to activities, make dinners, and everything else that comes with running household.  For the past 8 years, I have been fighting Hypothyroidism and I knew after I had Lilly and went back to work that something was not right with my body.  My friends used to tease me and call me the energizer bunny – I would work 8-10 hours a day and then head out to happy hours (the good-ol single days!) The next day , I would be up bright and early and function like I had a full nights sleep and didn’t just consume 6 martini's!  Ahh, those were the good-old days!

It wasn’t until Lilly was 5 years old that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism but on top of that I also found out that I have an autoimmune disease that causes my own body to kill my thyroid  function.   Guess, that answers my lack of energy and why I just never really felt like myself after having Lilly.   This Spring I hit a wall again and knew something was off and I was right!  So after an increased dose of medicine and some other changes I finally feel like I have some extra energy.   So my lack of energy makes me lose my drive – while I might have completed some fun projects the effort to put them together in a post was an exhausting task to think about and well that’s why I haven’t posted much here since the Spring.    So far with the medicine changes and changes to my diet and commitment to some exercise goals that I will get back to my old self and sharing some fun projects!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Earth Day Activities for Kids




Tomorrow is Earth day – Do you have any fun activities or projects planned for Earth Day?  I’m going to share with you some past earth day projects.  The following activities will help promote creating objects from recycled materials and even get you and your kids to spend more time outdoors!  I’m sure after this past Winter we are all looking for more reasons to spend time outside!


Recycled Flower Garden


Egg Carton Wreath



Recycled Scrapbooks




You can find more ideas on my Earth Day Pinterest board here …  

What do you do to celebrate Earth Day?  If you have some ideas to share comment below so others can enjoy your ideas! 


Happy Earth Day!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten on Ten–March 2014

I’m so happy it’s March!  This Winter has been nothing but brutal and it doesn’t seem to want to give us much of a break!  Today, we hit about 56 degrees which by the way in Ohio is a heat wave!!!  But it’s just a tease because the weather people are calling for snow and maybe up to 6 or more inches come Wednesday this week! 

Winter – I’m so over you!  Just give Spring a chance ;) :)

So onto my Ten on Ten – It’s been a while since I linked up to 10 on 10 but figured it was a great way to get back into the swing of things.  You can read more about Ten on Ten Right over at A bit of Sunshine


Life gets really busy and my focus has been on a lot more things around the house and work and well playing taxi drive for my daughter.  We have now entered into the crazy season of dance competition.  I’m tossing myself to the wolves on this one but We’ve been involved with worse activities so I’m pretty sure I can grasp the ropes of dance competitions. 

So here‘s a peak into my day ….



See that time – 7:20 my hair was wet; Lilly still needed to brush her teeth and hair and be outside on the porch by 7:30!!!  Yup, I had a conference call at 7:30 but I had to be ready to walk out the door right after my call.  Some days, I really do not know how I do it?!  Some how her and I manage to make it all work – running a little behind was thanks to Spring Ahead and me not being able to fall asleep last night.


conference call 

7:30 Conference calls – I really do not mind early conference calls but these just so happen to fall in the 5 min window of Lilly’s bus coming and I have to watch her get on the bus.  My calls last about 1 1/2 hours so I can’t really just run her up to school after.  But notice the screen shot … My manager listed out the basics of good attitude which can be applied to a lot and I can even relate these to my One Little Word. 



Best money spent on my Sirius XM radio subscription –  right after I picked up my Dunkin Donuts coffee and started out in my territory this oldie but goodie came on!  Milli Vanilli – reminds me of the summer and hanging out at the swim club with all my friends in HS. 



I pretty much eat lunch on the go in my car – Today, only breakfast came on the go with me but I stopped for some Hummus.  I picked up the large container because last time my husband was mad I didn’t have enough to share … hehe! Oops!  Oh well , took care of that this time. 


view out my roof

you know 56 degrees in Ohio – time to open the sun roof!  Yes, that is the sun and it wasn’t freezing here today!  woo hoo!!  I will take total advantage of these almost Spring Days!



made a little lunch time purchase – I love photography! I took two year of photography in school and loved every minute of it! 


picked Lilly up from after school and headed home – Barkley finally got some play time out side! 


lilly bike

Yes, the bike made it’s 2nd appearance today since being put away for the Winter.  See that sun – yes it’s really the sun!!!




made meximelts for dinner – I will share the recipe this week!  Super easy for the busy nights!



and we ended the long day with a reading and taking a test. We are still playing catch up from missing 4 days of school last week.  Phew!  One more test to do and we will be all caught up! ;)



Happy Ten on Ten ! 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Ideas

It’s so hard to believe that Valentines Day is Friday!  I feel like another year is starting to fly right by again {sigh}  

Today, I am sharing with you some past Valentines Day projects. …. click the title link for the blog post

Valentine Day Box Ideas

Rainbow Loom Valentine Day Box

Rainbow loom

Valentine Day Purse Box

Simple Preschool Valentines Day box -- I bought the cardboard box purse at Joann’s and let Lilly decorate it all up with stickers and pom poms.  We  even put a picture of her in the heart.  Looking back at the picture I can’t believe how much she has grown up! { Please stop time…  she’s growing up so fast}


OWL Valentine Day Box 

– This box we made for Lilly’s Kindergarten Valentine Box


Tie Dye Valentine Day T-shirt



Easy Kids Valentines Day Art Project

Valentines Day Kids Art Project { The Preppy Strawberry}


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